5.10 Value 7 – Inner and Outer Purity (Saucam)

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Practical Exercises

1. Which of your personal qualities/emotions contribute to the impurity of your mind, and how does it manifest externally in your behaviour? What are the results of such actions?
2. And now select a specific emotion for analysis (jealousy, selfishness, envy etc.), that shows a kind of negative attitude of your mind towards any particular person. Write down all such negative thoughts that you have about this person.
3. Now focus on the positives in this person. Is it possible for you to think of some qualities of this person that you can appreciate? Try to list a few of them with a dispassionate mind even if it’s difficult.
4. Did focusing on the positive attributes of this person lessen your negative emotions towards him or her? Do you think the technique presented in this value i.e. taking an opposite point of view, would help in clearing negative emotions and making your mind more pure?