5.8 Value 5 – Rectitude (Arjavam)

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Practical Exercises

During the pre-election campaigns you can usually hear a lot of promises from politicians, and read about future programs which will be implemented to improve our daily lives. And after the elections you normally hear about the people’s disappointment with the government, their political activities, and the inconsistencies between the words and actions of the politicians.

But now focus on your everyday experience and give an honest answer:

1. Are you always able to live without inner conflicts? Are your words and actions always in line with your thoughts?
2. Think of a recent event in your life where Arjavam was not implemented, when you wanted to do something but ended up doing something else. How did this affect your mental peace? Did it create guilt or sadness or irritation or any other negative emotion in you?
3. Why do you think this value is included in the list of values that are necessary for attaining self-knowledge?