5.6 Value 3 – Not Hurting (Ahimsa)

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Practical Exercises

Tanzania is facing a global protest campaign over claims that it wants to force Maasai pastoralists off their land to make way for game hunting by royals from the United Arab Emirates.

Disputes over the land on which the Maasai live and herd their cattlehave been running for 20 years. Seeking income from tourism, the government has welcomed foreign investors including the Ortelo Business Corporation (OBC), a safari company set up by a UAE official close to the Dubai royal family.

Up to 48,000 Maasai living in the Loliondo area face eviction in a deal that could hand over huge swaths of land for the commercial hunting of prize game such as leopards and lions by UAE royals, claims Avaaz.

Mzee Orosikos, a Maasai elder, said: “For us, our land is everything, but these Arab princes have no respect for the animals or our rights. Many of us would rather die than be forced to move again.”

1. When reading this news story what were your first thoughts and feelings?
2. Despite the fact that this event might not concern you personally, can you feel your own responsibility for the current destruction of animal and plant life and the environment that is taking place on our planet?
3. Are you convinced that Ahimsa is a quality you would like to cultivate?
4. If yes, how do you plan to integrate Ahimsa in your day-to-day actions, thoughts and words?