5.5 Value 2 – The Absence of Pretence (Adambhitvam)

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Practical Exercises

Imagine a situation.. You’ve accepted your friend’s dinner invitation at her house with her relatives and friends.

The guests are excited about the dinner, especially the delicious looking cake. One of the guests asks who made this cake. And your friend declares proudly “I made it myself, especially for you!”.

But the fact is that both you and your friend purchased the cake from a café, and that it’s not made by her.. you know she is lying.

And now answer these questions to yourself:

1. Have you personally ever had to make your skills, achievements, knowledge or talents look better than they actually were?
2. If yes, try to remember this situation in detail.
3. Why did you claim to have qualities that you did not actually possess?
4. What did this pretence bring into your life? (improve your life?)
5. Why is it difficult to accept yourself as you are, and resort to lies, even if they are small lies?
6. What keeps you from living in accordance with the value of Adambhitva?