5.18 Value 15 – Constant Equanimity Towards Desirable and Undesirable Results (Nityam Samacittatvam Ista Anista Upapattisu)

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Practical Exercises

1. Do you usually practice equanimity with regards to both favourable and unfavourable circumstances in your life?
2. Try to remember a situation in the past when you got unnaturally angry with regards to someone or something. If such a situation happened again, would you want to deal with it more objectively? Do you see value in dealing with negative situations more objectively rather than through a viewpoint of your own likes and dislikes?
3. It is easy to see the value in being more objective with negative situations. But do you agree that positive situations also require a calm and composed mind?
4. Do you know what needs to be done to get a more equanimous mind?
5. What are your weaknesses with regards to developing this value within yourself?