5.16 Value 13 – Absence of a Sense of Ownership (Asaktih)

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Living Intelligently

Practical Exercises

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how attached are you to all the material possessions in your life?
2. If you’re having difficulty answering the above question, just imagine this situation: You’ve just brought a brand new car and you leave it parked outside your house. A kid riding a bicycle purposely scratches your brand new car on the way, and seeing you watching, runs away. What would be the intensity of your anger? The more attached you are to your car, the more angry you will be.
3. Do you think this value is impractical in the modern world?
4. Have you understood the basic reason why this value is needed to study Vedanta? Do you believe a dispassionate, non-attached attitude towards sense objects would make the mind more peaceful, and hence more conducive to understanding and assimilating Vedanta?