5.13 Value 10 – Dispassion Towards Sense Objects (Indriyarthesu Vairagyam)

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Practical Exercises

1. What is the level of dispassion in you towards objects in general?
2. Think of an object that you desire the most; the object could be a material object, relationship, position or status. And now with a dispassionate mind observe the relationship between the object and you.
3. Is it possible for you to live a happy, fulfilled life if you do not possess this object?
4. Does your happiness or well-being really depend upon this object? Or is it your subjective view based upon your likes and dislikes?
5. If you gain this object, do you think you will gain permanent happiness or security from this object?
6. If you say yes, has any object ever given you lasting happiness in the past?
7. Are you convinced that happiness from attaining any object is always time bound? There is no lasting happiness or security to be found in objects.
8. Have you realized that the basic idea is not to suppress our desires, but to approach the fulfillment of our desires from the understanding that no object can totally eliminate the sense of want within me?
9. Having understood all this, how do you plan to become more objective towards the objects of your desire?