9.2 The Song of the Self

The Song of the Self is written by James Swartz.

I am limitless unassociated awareness, here and now. I am ever unchanging, eternal, actionless awareness, nondual, complete and full. My nature is unconditioned presence, pure awareness, pure existence, absolute peace and unlimited happiness.
The macrocosmos, the creator of the macrocosmos and the myriad laws and principles that make up the creation appear like a dream in me, limitless awareness.
The human form is a microcosmic projection within the macrocosmic projection.

This projection is not the same as me but it is not different from me either. Space in a room appears to be different from space outside the room but they are the same.
I am thought to be associated with a material human body and mind due to ignorance, although I am always free of it.
So it seems as if I am a mixture of awareness and matter, like twilight is a mixture of light and dark.
Because I seem to be a mixture I become confused and seek to find out who I am even though I am always present and known to myself alone.
In this strange condition it seems as if I am affected by ignorance but I am not. My form is in one order of reality and I am in another. When there is smoke in space, it seems as if space is smoky but it is never contaminated. I am never contaminated by the thoughts and feelings that appear in me. I am unaffected by the body superimposed on my radiance.

When I am apparently under the spell of ignorance I know that I exist but I do not know that I am existence itself.
When I am apparently under the spell of ignorance I know that I am conscious but I don’t know that I am limitless consciousness. I think I am limited.
Confusing myself… awareness… with my body and mind causes suffering.
In spite of the confusion I am always unaffected by ignorance.
Knowledge cancels ignorance just as alkali neutralizes the acid in an upset stomach. When I imagine that I am bound I need knowledge to set me free.
When I understand that I am limitless awareness my individuality disappears because I was only seemingly ignorant. If my ignorance was real it could not be removed by knowledge.
With or without my apparent individuality I am awareness free of knowledge and ignorance. I was never not awareness. I just thought I was a person.
Before my ignorance was removed by self knowledge I was only indirectly aware of myself as awareness, but now I am directly aware of myself as awareness.
It seems like I am two, limitless awareness and an apparently aware individual, but I am only one.
I use the apparent person that appears in me to transact business with the world.
The apparent person seems to be alive and independently aware but it is not. It seems so because I illumine and enliven it by my presence like a ventriloquist enlivens a puppet.
At the determined time, according to the momentum of its past action, the Gross Body body dies and the Subtle Body goes into a potential, unmanifest state, the Macrocosmic Causal Body.
I remain as limitless unassociated awareness. I am ever unchanging, eternal, actionless, one, complete and full. My nature is unconditioned presence, pure awareness, absolute peace.