4.1 The 4 Qualifications


Enlightenment is the hard and fast knowledge that the Self, Awareness, is everything that is – and that I am it. To gain this knowledge one needs more that just a simple spiritual desire.

A student of Vedanta needs to be psychologically healthy. Self Inquiry is not intended to heal a neurotic mind.

To study any science, it’s assumed you are qualified. You need a degree to enroll for a post-graduate degree. For a doctorate course, you need a post-graduate degree. In sports competitions you have qualifying rounds.

You need the appropriate qualifications to join any field. This is true for Self Inquiry as well.

In Vedanta we have the four-fold qualifications (Sadhana Chatushtaya) for Self Inquiry. These 4 qualifications are:

1. Discrimination – Viveka

2. Dispassion – Vairagya

3. Desire – Mumukshutvam

4. Discipline -Shatka Sampatti

The 4 qualifications fro Vedanta

Many of these qualities are available in everyone in some measure. Understanding them properly will help you identify areas that you need to work on. The better qualified you are, the faster your spiritual progress will be.

In the subsequent sub-modules we will discuss each qualification in detail.