4.3 Qualities of a Prepared Mind


As we learnt from the previous sub-modules, Vedanta is a systematic body of knowledge which trains us to think, to analyze, to inquire, and to realize the main purpose of human life, and is not based on blind faith.

Self-Knowledge reveals us our true nature. But to gain Self-Knowledge we firstly need to gain the fourfold qualifications, which was explained in the previous sub-modules.

James Swartz (Ramji) in his book “How To Attain Enlightenment” writes: “If enlightenment is merely an experience of inner freedom, even psychotics and criminals qualify…Enlightenment is hard and fast knowledge that there is only one self and that the self, awareness, is everything that is- and I am it. To get this knowledge the individual needs more than a vague spiritual longing.”

What is this “more”?

In this sub-module – extracted from the book “How To Attain Enlightenment” – Ramji describes the qualities required by a Vedantic student to gain enlightenment. We hope this sub-module will further clarify your understanding of the qualifications.

Many of these qualifications exist in some measure in most minds, but we need to study and contemplate these qualities again and again so that we are able to apply them from the gross to the very subtlest levels of our mind.